Collection: 自選月購組合 / 條裝 [每月派送]

自選月購組合 [每月派送]

6 個月:40% 折扣
3 個月:30% 折扣
2 個月:20% 折扣
1 個月:原價

Customized Monthly Subscription Package [Monthly Delivery]:

With this subscription package, users can create customized delivery plans based on their personal preferences and needs. 

Discounted Prices:

Users can enjoy discounts based on the length of their monthly purchase period. The longer the period, the higher the discount they can get:

6 months: 40% off
3 months: 30% off
2 months: 20% off
1 month: Original Price

自選月購組合 / 條裝 [每月派送]