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自選月購組合 / 條裝 [每月派送]

自選月購組合 / 條裝 [每月派送]

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自選月購組合 [每月派送]

6 個月:40% 折扣
3 個月:30% 折扣
2 個月:20% 折扣
1 個月:原價


1. 逐一把每項訂購產品每月用量於「數量欄」輸入,然後按「加入購物車」

2. 把所有訂購產品訂量設定好後,按「訂單結帳」 



下單步驟: 按「家庭裝」>「6個月派送」>「數量」設定為 2

Customized Monthly Subscription Package [Monthly Delivery]:

With this subscription package, users can create customized delivery plans based on their personal preferences and needs. 

Discounted Prices:

Users can enjoy discounts based on the length of their monthly purchase period. The longer the period, the higher the discount they can get:

6 months: 40% off
3 months: 30% off
2 months: 20% off
1 month: Original Price

How to set up your plan?

Step 1. Enter the monthly usage of each product you want to order in the "Quantity" column, one by one.

Step 2. Click "Add to Cart" after setting the quantity for each product.

Step 3. After setting the quantity for all products, click "Order Checkout."


If you want to order the "Family Pack" for "6 months" and need "2 pieces" each month, please follow these steps:

Click "Family Pack," insert "2" in the quantity column, select "6 Month Delivery," and add additional products individually.

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